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Rear-end collisions are one of the most frequent types of car accidents. Some of these accidents are very serious, especially if a driver is speeding or one vehicle is significantly larger than the other. Intersection accidents can be catastrophic or fatal because of the likelihood that vehicles collide head-on.

The law office of Richard H. Raphael in Westport handles car accident injury claims. As an experienced personal injury lawyer, I have the ability to pursue your claim via negotiation or litigation. Whether you are seeking compensation for an injury or wrongful death, I can help you.

Consequences and Causes of Car Accidents

A rear-end collision can result in serious injuries. Even if you do not hit your head, the jarring motion of the accident can cause a traumatic brain injury. These injuries can be hard to detect initially because symptoms often occur weeks after the accident. Even a mild brain injury can be life altering for the victim and family.

Rear-end accidents may also cause whiplash and debilitating back, neck and spinal injuries. Soft-tissue damage and broken bones are very common as well.

An accident at an intersection can be especially dangerous because it may result in a t-bone crash or head-on collision. In addition to catastrophic brain and spinal injuries, people in these types of accidents may suffer burns, scarring or amputation.

Distracted drivers are frequent causes of car accidents. This includes drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as well as people talking or texting on cell phones. Under Connecticut law, drivers can only use phones hands-free; texting, dialing or e-mailing is not permitted.

Additional causes of vehicle accidents include:

  • Ignoring signs or traffic signals
  • Missing or illegible road signs
  • Faulty brakes
  • Weather conditions

No matter what caused your accident, you need a skilled Connecticut accident attorney to represent you. Please call my office at 203-226-6168 or contact me online to schedule an appointment with a CT car accident attorney. Your initial consultation is free. Evening and weekend appointments may be available.

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