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It is no surprise that alimony is often a highly debated part of a divorce. Both parties have their own thoughts of whether alimony should be granted, and if so at what amount and for what length of time. If the couple cannot reach an agreement about alimony, the court will determine the issue.

You need an experienced divorce lawyer who can protect your rights during negotiations and litigation of alimony issues. Contact the law office of Richard H. Raphael in Westport, Connecticut. For more than 30 years, I have been serving the people of this area with family law and divorce assistance, including the determination of alimony and child support payments.

Alimony/Spousal Support and Child Support

There are no statutory guidelines for calculating alimony; however, the amount and duration of alimony payments are generally based on factors which include:

Depending on the circumstances of the couple, alimony may be granted temporarily or permanently. It is possible to modify alimony orders if one party's financial situation significantly changes or if the party receiving alimony remarries or cohabitates with another individual.

Child support is determined by statutory guidelines that are based on a number of factors, including family net income and the number of children in the family. In addition, the custody arrangement may affect child support. Whether parents share physical custody or one parent has primary physical custody can be a factor which can impact the amount of support.

Receiving adequate child support is critical to the well-being of your child. You may request modifications to child support orders if there are significant changes to finances, health or other needs.

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