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Study Shows Doctors Fail to Diagnose Diabetes in Millions of Americans

November 18th, 2014 at 7:00 am

failure to diagnose diabetes, diagnose diabetes, medical errors, medical misdiagnosis, suffer serious illness, Westport medical malpractice attorneyOnce a year, the majority of people visit their primary care physician for an annual medical exam. This exam is commonly referred to as a “check-up,” and the goal is to do just that—check to make sure a person is medically heathy and to provide an early diagnosis of any health issues in which a person may not even be aware.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the top three diseases which kill more people each year are cardiovascular diseases, cancers and diabetes. However, early diagnosis and treatment for these diseases can greatly increase the chances of a person’s long-term survival.

A new study, however, shows that almost 80 percent of people in this country who suffer from undiagnosed diabetes are actually seeing their physicians on a regular basis—often at least two to three times a year. Yet, doctors are not recognizing symptoms and treating patients for the disease. This leaves about eight million people totally unaware they are suffering from diabetes.

The study reviewed over 30,000 medical patients from around the country and discovered that three in every 10 patients were suffering from diabetes, but their doctors had failed to diagnose it. Almost 85 percent of those patients had a primary care physician whom they saw at least once a year, and almost 70 percent of those patients reported seeing their physician at least twice during the preceding 12 months.

Diabetes is the number one cause of kidney failure, blindness in adults, and limb amputation. When a person is suffering from diabetes, his or her body is not using insulin correctly. Insulin is a hormone that is used by the body to process sugar that comes from food. Insulin turns that sugar into fuel, which the body’s cells need for energy. People suffering from diabetes often experience fatigue, slow healing times for scrapes and cuts, and blurred vision.

A doctor’s failure to diagnose diabetes, or any other disease, can cause a patient to suffer serious illness. If you suspect you are a victim of a doctor’s failure to diagnose, please contact an experienced Westport medical malpractice attorney to find out what legal recourse you may have for your pain and suffering.

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