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Distracted Driving in Connecticut

November 18th, 2015 at 7:00 am

distracted driving, Westport Personal Injury LawyerEvery year, thousands of people are seriously hurt in car accidents caused by distracted drivers. Connecticut has passed laws to try and make the roads safer by punishing drivers for not paying attention. One of the most common distractions is the use of cell phones by drivers.

Connecticut’s Distracted Driving Laws

It is against the law in Connecticut to do anything while operating a motor vehicle that distracts the driver from his or her duties. This can include anything from a car radio to a cell phone.

Connecticut has passed special laws to deal with the problems of cell phones. Connecticut drivers cannot use a handheld cellphone while driving to talk or to text. For most drivers it is okay to use a hands free device such as a Bluetooth headset.

Novice drivers cannot use a cell phone in any way while driving, except to make an emergency call. This ban includes hands-free devices. Bus drivers are also prohibited from using a cell phone, even with a hands free device, while driving a bus.

Keeping Yourself Safe

Studies have shown that driving takes a lot of mental focus. Cell phones have been shown to reduce a driver’s ability to focus by more than 30 percent. There is some evidence showing that even when using hands free devices, a driver’s focus is still compromised.

Distracted drivers are more likely to be involved in serious accidents where they are injured.

The best way to keep yourself and your family safe while on the road is to hang up the cell phone. Even if you are allowed to use a hands free device, talking while driving may still be putting you and everyone else on the road at greater risk.

When you are on the road, do not do anything that will take your focus away from the safe operation of your car.

Distracted Driver Liability

It is increasingly common for cell phone records to be examined in car accident cases. If you are involved in an accident and your records indicate you were on the phone at the time of the accident, even if you were on a hands free device, you may be found to be at least partially responsible for the accident.

If you or someone you love has been hurt in a car accident, consult with a seasoned Westport personal injury lawyer right away. Call Richard H. Raphael, Attorney at Law, at 203-226-6168 to schedule a consultation today. You may only have a short period of time to protect your rights.


Your Smartphone Can Help You after a Car Accident

October 19th, 2015 at 7:00 am

Smartphone after a car accident, Westport Personal Injury LawyerCar accidents can occur in the blink of an eye. One moment you are happily driving. In the next moment, everything is a mix of motion, noise and confusion—even a fender bender can leave you shaken and in a state of shock.

However, thanks to modern technology, most people involved in car accidents now have smartphones—a technology that can be of great assistance following an accident.

Call for Help

Not every accident requires an ambulance or law enforcement to come to the scene. Still, you may need help. Whether it is calling 911 or contacting a friend for a ride after an accident, your smartphone can make it easier to obtain the help you need.

Take Pictures of the Scene

Most mobile phones are much more that just a phone—they are also equipped with a camera. Law enforcement does not investigate every Connecticut car crash. However, you can use your smartphone to take pictures of everything from the damage to the cars to the entire intersection. In some cases, you may even want to take pictures of your injuries.

The more information and pictures you can take of an accident’s aftermath, the easier it may be for your attorney to assist you in getting the compensation to which you are legally entitled.

Get Contact Information

Immediately following a car accident is generally the best time for obtaining any information about what has happened. Drivers in Connecticut are required to exchange information after a car accident. You may not have a pen and paper, but a smartphone can be used to record any insurance information for the other driver or drivers involved. Additionally, you can use your phone to store contact information from any witnesses. Once you leave the scene of the accident, you may never hear from the witnesses again.

Share Your Insurance Information

Many insurance companies have smartphone apps that make it easy to always have your insurance information with you. If you utilize one of these apps, you can then easily share your policy information with police officers and involved drivers. Moreover, within the app, you will have the phone number you need to notify your insurance company of the accident. Some carriers even let you begin filing a claim right from the app.

If you or someone you love has been hurt in a car accident, protect your rights by contacting a knowledgeable Westport personal injury lawyer right away. Call Richard H. Raphael, Attorney at Law at 203-226-6168 to schedule your consultation today.


Study Finds Asbestos Deaths Much Higher than Previously Reported

July 23rd, 2015 at 7:00 am

asbestos deaths, Westport Personal Injury AttorneyA new study reveals that approximately 15,000 people die every year in this country from asbestos exposure.  People may be exposed to asbestos through their jobs, typically from materials used in the construction or utility industries. Although there has been a substantial decrease—which began in the 1980’s—in the amount of asbestos used in products, the effects of asbestos exposure can take decades to appear.

It is well-documented that asbestos exposure causes asbestosis (a chronic lung disease), lung cancer, and mesothelioma (cancer of the protective lining of the body’s organs).

The study analyzed records from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), from the years 1999 to 2013, of people who had died from either asbestosis or mesothelioma. Researchers also included death records of those who had died from lung cancer which was linked to asbestos exposure. There were a total of 20,317 deaths caused by asbestosis during that time period. The total number of deaths from mesothelioma was 39,870. Deaths from lung cancer during that time were between 127,579 and 159,480.

The study found that there were at least 2,000 to 5,000 more deaths every year from asbestos exposure than what had previously been reported.

Asbestos exposure has also been linked to ovarian cancer, cancer of the larynx, colon cancer, and stomach cancer; however, those death records were not included in the study. A former assistant surgeon general—who was not part of the research group—says that if you considered the number of deaths caused by those asbestos-causing diseases, the number of deaths from asbestos exposure is much higher than what the study found. Dr. Richard Lemen also points out that several studies have found much higher rates of lung cancer in asbestos-exposed workers than what has been reported by government and other organizations, adding to an even higher number of deaths.

If you have been diagnosed with a work-related illness, such as asbestosis, please contact an experienced Westport personal injury attorney to find out what legal recourse you may have against those responsible for your illness. For a free initial consultation about your case, call Attorney Richard H. Raphael at 203-226-6168 today.

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